Let’s not mince words here. I’m starting this blog for a couple main reasons: to try my hand at the lucrative supplemental income making machine that the internet has become, to be able to speak freely without being interrupted, and to allow people to simply “walk away” (or surf to a new page) without me knowing therefore without my feelings being affected (because who out there enjoys people walking away while they’re expressing themselves).

My objective: To have a one-stop shop where people can go for a quick review of any number of things out there that they may want to entertain themselves with. Books, Pandora stations, stuff on Netflix, newest TV episodes, Spotify playlists, new and old movies, recipes, magazine articles, etc.

I considered using something like “Spare Your Spare Time Wisely” or “Read before you Play” as taglines or alternative titles because essentially that is the idea of this blog. Most of the stuff i’ll be reviewing is stuff we all occupy our spare time with. Who out there honestly has 14 hours to spare watching the newly released season of a Netflix original show that will ultimately leave you hanging off a cliff of denial and wonder for an entire year? Or who really has time on Friday’s to watch every episode from the TGIT shows the night before?

Let’s face it: we all have better things to do than watch TV or sit around listening to the latest Paramore album, but we LOVE those shows and we can’t live without Meredith and Dr. Bailey or we don’t remember life before Fake Happy.

Side Note: If you’re still reading- Thank you.

So here’s what you can expect here:

  • One sentence to a few paragraphs describing something you might be thinking of watching, reading, listening to, or cooking to help you decide if you should really use up your precious spare time before you get sucked in and lose your whole afternoon
  • MAYBE a couple spoilers
  • Variety and originality. I guess it’ll kinda be like Rotten Tomatoes, Goodreads, Yelp and other popular review gangs all in one. So maybe I could help plan the perfect dinner/movie night?
  • other stuff i’m not sure of yet because literally this is only the beginning


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started on this journey. Aren’t the best adventures the ones that you begin truly knowing you are just as clueless as you are determined??



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