QUANTICO- Season 2

Let me start by saying that I completely forgot about this show until last week when I noticed new episodes available on Netflix. So that should tell you a little something about this season.

Rest assured though- it ended well and I’m looking forward to the next season.


-It’s really intriguing. The story line is constantly moving, changing, evolving. To get the most out of this, don’t do the crossword puzzle or check your IG feed while you watch. You’ll get lost and lose interest really fast. Just pretend it’s 1999 and handheld electronics aren’t popular and pay attention.

-It parallel’s modern politics- somewhat. So there’s a guy that could be our current president and another guy that could be our last one. Even some of the issues being fought over in the story line echo recent ones in real news. The nice thing is that the show plays both sides really well. Kudos to the writers on that.

-The eye candy. Helloooooooooo Hunter Parrish and Priyanka Chopra gets more beautiful every day. Same with Blair Underwood.

-The cast. Yes, this also includes Hunter and Priyanka, but for you Revenge fans out there you get a little Conrad Grayson as well. The rest of the cast truly seems to gain talent with every episode especially Yasmine al Massri. You see her talent shine during the last couple episodes of the season when displays two different personalities with the same face.

-The dialogue. Some of the sentence structure and wording is just phenomenal.


-The story line is constantly moving, changing, evolving 🙂 Be prepared to buckle up and focus. It’s worth it if you pay close attention, but seriously you gotta pay close attention like for real dudes.

-The middle 8 episodes. Like I said- I forgot the show existed. It definitely hit a low point halfway through the season. They picked it up nicely in the end, but just be ready for a little slump.

-Priyanka’s monologue/soliloquy in the last episode. (when you see it you, you’ll understand).

Overall: Quanitco Season 2 gets a solid B+


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